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On Track Productions - DVD & Blu-ray Formats

IAs standard all DVD & Blu-ray discs are supplied in the PAL format and are not available in the NTSC format or any other format that may be adopted by equipment manufacturers. If you are in doubt about the ability of your player to handle the PAL format refer to the manufacturers manual or consult your supplier. Machines purchased in the UK will in general conform to PAL standards.

DVDs are set to Region 0 and are as such capable of being played in any region of the world.

Our DVDs are burnt onto DVD-R discs, which play on the majority of PAL format equipment, but on very rare occasions problems can occur. Under these circumstances please contact us, where upon the problem is normally resolved by supplying a replacement version of the programme on a DVD+R disc.

Our Blu-ray are burnt onto BD-R discs. There are a few machines available on the market that will not play these discs so it is always advisable to check with the manufacturers manual to ensure compatability.

Format Questions?

If you have recently ordered, and have received a DVD or Blu-ray from us and are encountering problems - please contact us.

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